ETF Request - GGRG

Please could the accumulating version of WisdomTree Global Quality Dividend Growth be added (GGRG). At the moment, there is only the distributing version (GGRP)

Very interesting developed markets ETF, that seems to beat developed markets trackers.

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Hi Tom,

Noted, your request has been forwarded to the relevant team who will consider adding GGRG it to our DIY portfolio option.

Thanks for your suggestion and I hope you have a great day!

I see that you have now partnered with WisdomTree.

Even more reason to add GGRG now :wink:

Hopefully we’ll see it soon!

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Hi Mike. Any update on whether this will be added? Just a bit strange there is the accumulating version of the US WidomTree fund (DGRG), but not the global one (GGRG).

Only chasing as i am looking to rebalance my portfolio soon and would ideally want to include GGRG.

Thanks and I understand you’re all very busy!

@Tom_Whitehead – If you check it should now be available!

Thanks, Tom! That is great news. Definitely an ETF more people need to be aware of.

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