Help with transactions

I bought vanguard s&p 500. How do you know how big the spread is on different ETF’s please?

It says purchased @ £62.56. How can I be certain this was the purchased price and I am receiving a fair transaction. Is that to do with the external reference?

I think that’s actually quite difficult to do accurately, because it’s a heavily traded etf and the sort of data you ideally want is costly to access.

Look at Google Finance or on UK Yahoo Finance for an idea of prices during the day.

Also, London South East lists trades on the stock exchange, but only a limited number of trades for free. If you track these over the period when the transaction is likely to be processed you’ll get a fair idea of price and spread on the exchange.

Hello and thanks for your post.

Spreads vary on an ETF by ETF basis and even on each ETF throughout the day. The best course of action is to cross check against G finance or another free source!

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Thanks, I’m going to drip feed in to some ETF’s while they are in correction/bear market territory.

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