Investing for my children

Hi everyone
Looking to start a portfolio for my two children age 11 and 12. Any pointes on how to choose a balanced global diversified fund suitable? Wishing to be mindful of ethical/sustainable options also. :children_crossing:

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@LSH79 - I think its worth looking at some of the managed portfolio for ideas.
(Or just go down the managed portfolio route and you don’t have to worry abou its)

Nutmeg/Moneyfarm/Investengine - managed services all invest in very similar things and they publish what they invest in (So you can just copy them)

This is my InvestEngine Growth Portfolio

Nutmeg pushing the same for their sustainble funds
(Hidden under the assets allocation tab)

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Looks for funds which say ESG, check out The Best ESG Funds Of March 2022 – Forbes Advisor for more information

" ESG investing is a strategy that channels dollars to companies that meet stringent environmental, social and governance standards"


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V3AM is a Vanguard ESG Global All Cap ETF, which is available on the InvestEngine platform.
I am not the largest fan of ESG as the definition can vary wildly depending on the benchmark and the fund managers own ethics. But IMO a All Cap ETF is a great investment and if ESG route then V3AM is a great option to consider.

If you wanted to put back money specifically for your children, you could look at Junior ISA accounts (JISA), thought the cash is then theirs to access at the age of 18. There are only a select few brokers which offer these accounts.

You could also look into starting a Junior SIPP for your children.

Thankyou everyone I have set up JISAs and junior pensions