JP Morgan accumulating ETF - JUKC

Now that IE has partnered with JP Morgan I have seen some new etfs added. Will we see JUKC added in the coming week or two as JUKE, the distributing counterpart of JUKC has already been added?

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Hi! Thank you for your ETF suggestion.
We always aim to add new funds to our system and it is important for is to know what our clients are interested in.
Please be assured that your suggestion has been forwarded to the relevant team who will look into the opportunity of adding the fund to the platform.

I also hope that both versions of a fund; accumulating and distributing gets added when IE onboard new funds. This way I can add the dividend paying version to my ISA and the accumulating version in my SIPP.

Hint-hint: If only IE can add the rest of the distributing “Aristocrats” series of funds from State Street. example Emerging Markets, Pan-Asia, Euro…

PS: Thanks for adding J.P. Morgan Global Equity Premium Income. Been waiting for this one since it’s launch.

Hey! Great to hear your enthusiasm for both accumulating and distributing versions of funds!
We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our offerings, and your suggestions play a crucial role in guiding us.

And you’re welcome for the J.P. Morgan Global Equity Premium Income addition – it’s awesome to know we hit the mark with your expectations!

Hi @aelita.cherniakova

Thanks for the response. Another example is where you have added the accumulating version of JPMorgan USD Ultra-Short Income ETF

JPMorgan USD Ultra-Short Income UCITS ETF USD (Acc)
Ticker: JPAS

It would be fantastic if the distribution version of this ETF could be added as well:

JPMorgan USD Ultra-Short Income UCITS ETF USD (Dist)
Ticker: JPTS

Now seems a good time to slip this one in as well whilst JP Morgan Asset Management is a current featured partner…