Moving Investment Trust

I’ve a legacy tracker with Virgin that needs to go. 0.6% charge for starters!
It’s a FTSE All Share UK product but I think just the FTSE 100 is a better product, via an ETF.
Any takers?

I prefer the S&P 500

There’s an upside to the UK FTSE 100 that I’m interested in. S&P 500 already covered. I went for CUKX.

I have everything in the S&P 500, apart from 15k in the NASDAQ 100. Do you think the FTSE 100 is going to the moon ?

At the time of writing this, 5 Year Performance S&P 500 81% and CUKX is 26%. I know past performance does not relate to future.

Really interesting piece on S&P, Nasdaq etc.

I think the UK FTSE 100 is undervalued right now and there’s some post Covid uplift to be had; same for Europe but I don’t know enough about that to invest in it.

Thanks for reply :blush:

If the S&P 500 does slow down, then I will probably look at an All World like Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF

I think opportunity to diversify as much as you can where possible is ideal a global tracker that is cheap may be best.

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I am just so glad I never got into individual stocks with the recent activity, before Christmas as 107k up since July 2021, then down to 21k up last week and at the time of writing this 69k up.

Then you hear about some people been 60% down in one stock, so I like what index funds do for me.

Since the dip started, I have put in 500 a day for 10 days, to get rid of a matured cash savings account.

Wow! That is some ride. I have TSCO, VOD and GBG from years ago so know the feeling a little. is my reference point these days.

@Omian - I read similar last week. A few articles saying the S&P 500 could fall to 2500 Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Not so many this week when the S&P 500 bounce back a bit
Agree with US equties being overvalued…but I don’t see people putting their money elsewhere. Wouldn’t surprise me if the S&P hits 5,000 in March/April

I would have probably not even noticed, it was just because of 5k maturing, that I logged in, to invest it and then could see.

I use to be with HL SIPP and there yearly forecast was around 6k pension per year. So I thought I could never retire, I made the mistake that was talking about annuities.

My ISA and SIPP are roughly equal, and while I cannot touch the SIPP, because I am too young, but currently in 7 months the ISA has made more then I made last year before Tax. ACapital Gains Tax.

For me the 2021 March locked was good, it meant I sorted out my finances and also enjoyed everything i learnt.

Now I just need to learn more about CGT, if anyone has good resources let me know ?

I am going to draw down 20k for my ISA 15k for Pension from my GIA, therefore taken advantage of the CGT, and then put that into ISA and SIPP. What I am unsure about is do I take it out of the GIA this tax year (i.e. 1st April), then I would invest it on the 6th April, as I have already maxed out the SIPP and ISA ?