New investor - initial portfolio

Hi. Here is an InvestEngine link to my choice of portfolio.

Good? Bad? Somewhere inbetween? I originally had Gold in there, if only to have something other than equities, but I read somewhere that it fluctuates a great deal and might not be a good idea.

There is some overlap between NASDAQ and S&P Information Technology, but not as much as you might have assumed.

Thanks in advance.

Inbetween. Just as long as you are aware of the overlap, I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with it, just makes it difficult for an outsider to see what you are trying to achieve. The MSCI World Index is quite tech heavy on its own. My personal preference would be to simplify it but if you are interested to see how your investments in the different ETFs perform compared with each other then go for it. Make sure you’ve checked you’ve selected the ETFs with the cheapest TER for each index or sector.


Not sure what you are trying to achieve here - can you explain your objectives/reasoning is for this construction? That will help us have a view on how good it is.

This portfolio is unlikely to result in a disaster but seems a little complicated.

What it seems you want is exposure to large and mega caps in developed markets. With a tilt to banking/value and AI?

Can you justify why you have dodged mid/small caps + anything emerging market?

I just went for ETFs showing a long-term upward curve, and developed-world funds seem to be more dependable. I’m open to looking at emerging markets, but need to read up on them before investing. The specific inclusion of AI is more of a gamble, with the rationale that AI is a technology that is currently in the ascendancy. I may add an emerging market ETF in the future, once I have a fuller understanding of that area. I don’t see why complexity/multiple funds is a bad thing.