Share your portfolios!

Showing off your InvestEngine portfolio just got easier with our new Portfolio Sharing feature!

How does it work?

Our new feature provides a shareable online link to the ETFs and target weights you’ve chosen for your InvestEngine DIY portfolio.

It’s a simple and safe way to let others see what you’re investing in, without revealing any personal data or £ values of your investments.

You can copy your link to share with friends, or share it via your favourite social media.

We’ve also created this dedicated area in the InvestEngine Community for you to share and discuss your portfolios with other investors.

Here’s an example of the Portfolio Sharing view:

How do I get it?
Easy! Just click on your DIY portfolio and select ‘Share portfolio outline’ to toggle on your shareable link.

Then click on the Share button and share away!

If someone goes on to open an InvestEngine account via your shared link, we’ll give you and them £25 each through our referral scheme! Ts&Cs apply.