SIPP Tax Rebate from HMRC

Based on your experience with SIPP, how long does it typically take for a tax rebate to be credited to your Invest Engine account (IE)?

9 weeks and 2 days - still nothing

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Hi all! The HMRC tax relief should be applied to the portfolio within 6-11 weeks from the contribution to your SIPP account.
However, there are delays in processing tax relief rebates for the period 06.01.2024 - 05.02.2024. Our third-party provider, responsible for managing these rebates, is facing technical issues with their system. They are actively working with the system provider to resolve the issue, and it is currently under investigation.

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It’s now been 16wks waiting for the tax relief and waiting. I have emailed directly several times for a possible time frame and the same answer comes back every time ! Is this a bot by any chance ?