Charges, which is better?

This is all new to me so please forgive the question!
I was wondering that if I buy daily or weekly or monthly will I pay more charges or will the charges work out the same? In other words I s it better if I buy funds less frequently with regard to charges? Example put £100 in a day for a week or £700 in a lump sum for a week, which would incur more charges?

Where are you getting charged? I don’t get charged by invest engine ever!

In fact that’s why I joined.

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With Investengine you won’t get charged commission, so buying as soon as you have funds available is OK. There is a spread between buying and selling prices on an ETF and it varies over time and can be different according to volume of the Investengine aggregated trade, but that can’t be planned for and would be very unlikely to make as much difference as the cost of delaying (assuming the investments go up in value like they typically have historically).

In short, I personally wouldn’t worry about daily or weekly on Investengine, I’d just put cash in as soon as I had it available for investing and invest it straight away.

As an aside, I do use other brokers where there are commissions for other types of investment and it would make a difference there. I would wait then until I was making larger investments to reduce the commission charges overall, which I think is what you were getting at. But it doesn’t apply to Investengine at all.

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Thank-you so much for your answer.
I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it and it was so helpful to me.
Have a lovely day,
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If you have £700 to invest, I wouldn’t delay. Academics have proven that around two-thirds of the time investing your lump sum will outperform drip feeding in your cash

Useful to know, thank-you!

“Time in the Market Beats Timing the Market”

-Ken Fisher

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