Confused with Help Site re Fees

HI Guys
I have read FAQ’s and Support sent me a link but i find it a little confusing.
I am transferring these funds from Vanguard VHVG & VFEG directly into IE no cash direct transfer.
My understanding was the fund fee is taken by Vanguard out of each fund.
I am doing a DIY for now so my fees i believed would be zero.
But from the links it mentions see HERE is this ust for Mangaed Accounts ?

Hello @osopolar,
I DIY in InvestEngine, have been for 4 months.
From the link “ InvestEngine’s management fees are calculated daily and deducted from your account on a monthly basis”.
I haven’t been charged any monthly amount by InvestEngine.

I own some funds, like you, so I expect to see only the fund provider’s charges (that are taken directly from the fund) appear in my Annual Costs and Charges Report.
I agree that the text in the link could have been clearer that it related to Managed Portfolios when talking about Deducting Fees.

HI @nedjohn
Cheers for help i think the support just throw in all links even when i asked about DIY only!
I guess they try to cover everything but in general they are very helpful.
Do you need to autobalance these funds i thought VG did this yearly inside the fund!

Vanguard will only rebalance VHVG & VFEG when there is a change to which companies appear in the underlying FTSE indexes that they track, quarterly (sell the exiters and buy the entrants).

The question for you is if and when to rebalance your portfolio - how to share out your total cash between the different funds you hold, and whether to adjust subsequently. Something that IE would do for you if you went the managed route. This is generally what is meant by ‘rebalancing’.

Of course, you could just buy something like VWRP (All World), then you don’t need to decide how to split your money between the two funds (Developed World and Emerging Market).

I have a 90% on VHVG and 10% to VFEG to give me a little more diversity

VWRP has 90% DM and 10% EM, just like you.
Your method is cheaper.
FWRG tracks the same index as VWRP, and would cost about the same for you. It is not yet a year old though.

Useful if you didn’t want the bother of rebalancing.

Just details though - your method is reasonable: own the world and keep your costs low.

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Hey there, the FAQ you’ve linked is for managed portfolios. We’ll review this information, to make it clearer to avoid further confusion. If you’ve opened and invested in a DIY portfolio, you will not be charged any management fees by InvestEngine.

As you say Vanguard will charge a fund fee. It is built into the fund cost so you won’t see it listed as a fee.

Invest Engine do not charge any fees for their DIY offering.

Hi, for clarification, my understanding: even for DIY’ers, the Annual Costs & Charges Report will list fund costs - but they have already been paid for from within the funds, rather than as a separate charge.
It appears as a weighted average against the account, not a per-fund charge.
(It is a requirement under Mifid2 regulations, so will be included)

See these helps :-
What is the Report
Individual ETF charges?

If you want to check whether InvestEngine charges you directly, check in MORE > TRANSACTIONS - DIYers won’t see any listed here.

IE DIY charge no platform fee…
Every ETF has a OCF % charge which is built into the price you pay for the share…
There is also a bid-offer spread fee each time you buy a share of an ETF… average is about 0.07%
If you stick to liquid ETFs, like VUAG, VUSA then the transactions are slick.