Developed world ex-US

Is there a cheap developed-world ex-US tracker ETF on IE?

I want a global tracker with about 25% exposure to the US but most single ETFs have 50-60% US weighting. I’m currently achieving this by using multiple ETFs - us+europe+uk+Japan+etc but I’d rather minimise the number of individual ETFs in my portfolio.

The reasons are - for simplicity and second because of IE’s ongoing issues with delayed settlements (even though all the ETFs I’m using are large and from managers like Vanguard and iShares) which stops regular investors like me from rebalancing/adjusting weights conveniently.

So ideally I’d like to achieve this by using two ETFs, one S&P500 and the other dev–world ex-US. Any thoughts are welcome.


@rammal I have not seen any ex-US funds on IE

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you’ll only get ex us global fund in the us