ETF Requests: Islamic / Shariah compliant ETFs & Funds


I am interested in transferring both my ISA and SIPP to InvestEngine, however I primarily invest in Islamic ETFs which are Shariah compliant. I’ve seen some requests for these funds a long time ago but as it stands there’s only 2 Islamic funds available on InvestEngine (ISWD & ISUS).

Can I please request the following to be added too:

  • Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc (IGDA LN)
  • HSBC also launched several new Islamic ETFs 1-2 years ago:
    HSBC Islamic Investment Range

The InvestEngine platform looks great but I think the range of ETFs available simply do not match what’s available on platforms like Interactive Investor or Hargreaves Landsdown. So it’s holding myself (and probably others) back from transferring over. I know my partner would also transfer over if more Islamic funds were available.

If we can get some feedback on the above list and any indication around timeline for these to be added that would be great.


Hi! Thank you for your interest in transferring your ISA and SIPP to InvestEngine!
Your feedback is crucial to us, and we continuously strive to enhance our ETF selection based on community suggestions. I have forwarded your request to our investment team for consideration, specifically for inclusion in our DIY portfolio option.
Thank you once again for your feedback and for considering InvestEngine.