ETF Research centre

I love the setup of (ETF Research Centre), and how its able to give a comparison and overlap of ETF’s. Its particularly useful to avoiding too much overlap between ETF’s but is based on US funds. Does anyone know of a similar UK version listing UK ETF’s? I’ve been unable to find one.

‘JustETF’ is a reasonable etf website for UK equivalent etfs.
regards, Bill


Totally agree, use it everyday, best UK sure I’ve found so far, but unless I haven’t found it; it doesn’t directly map and compare etf holdings, which is a bit of a shame

I found this via reddit and it shows the overlap in UK ETFs for free.


Superstar, not bd for a U.K. version, thanks :pray:

Morningstar can be a little overwhelming.

Trustnet is a simpler platform.

Thanks but I just noticed that this free version is only showing the top 10 holdings overlap by Weight in Holding and Weight in Portfolio, so you might want to pay for something more comprehensive.