ETF holding discrepancies

Hi all,

Made the move from Vanguard, so far really enjoying the interface, lower fees, and ability to set target weights. There’s just one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to information on the platform. The number of holdings in any given ETF rarely matches the data from the ETF provider. For example VWRL shows 2,966 holdings on InvestEngine, but 3,767 on Vanguard’s own site. Anybody know what the cause of the discrepancy might be?



Hi @rockyrabbit - Great to see that you’re looking at some of that holding data.

Although ultimately this data comes from Vanguard, we do occasionally see discrepancies with their website data for one of the following reasons:

  • Timing - We typically get this data daily or weekly, Vanguard update their website less often
  • Others % - Unclassified holdings within the fund are grouped together under ‘Others’ on our site
  • Very small holdings - We don’t show holdings < 0.005% of the fund.

Looking at VWRL specifically;
Vanguard site - Was last updated 30th April (Our data is more recent)
On our side we also have 0.99% of this fund listed under “Others” on the holding tab - This will typically be lots of the smaller/new companies recently added to the fund, which we haven’t yet classified.

Although the total number of companies may look very different, most of the differences will be due to really smallholding and part of the <1% of the funds which is unclassified.

Hopefully, this clarifies any differences.


Thanks for the explanation!

Did you do an ISA Transfer, and what was your experience like?

This is my current outstanding ISA situation

Vanguard sold and converted to cash 19th May, IE keep asking for it, and when I get in touch with Vanguard they say it is in progress.

I have setup IE AutoInvest 66% in IESU and 34% in VUSA. Because Vanguard seem to be just sitting on the cash and I have now been out of the market for 5 full trading days, I have missed out on £13,800 gains

If there is an issue, I wish they would just tell me, rather then saying it is in progress.

Thank you

Yes I did an ISA transfer from Vanguard, who were rather sluggish and sat on the cash for around a month after selling my holdings before finally sending the cash to IE. Luckily the timing worked out in my favour and I avoided some losses, however it was frustrating how slow Vanguard was. Once the money left Vanguard it was in my IE account and invested again quickly. I assumed the delay was exacerbated due to people switching provider around the end of the tax year, so hopefully you have a faster experience!

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Thank you for replying and letting me know.

Wow one month seems terrible, and seeing how they are very fast to cash it out, why does it then take so long. I thought 9 days is long, but it still has not gone over.

If it is a month, and I look at past performance over the last month, it will only cost me £21,000 gains.

If they know it is going to take a month, then there should be an option to say when you want to cash out, i.e. it is in the VUSA and that has done well in the last 5 trading days, that they have had me cashed out.

I have no issues with Vanguard platforms fees, the main reason I am moving my GIA and ISA, is I have done very well with the gains in IESU, which is on the Invest Engine Platform. I have been able to do the GIA very fast myself, and that has to go back to my bank and then to Invest Engine.

Thank you