Feature in a national publication and earn £50 📰

We’re offering a selected number of our users the opportunity to potentially feature in national publication! If featured, you could have £50 added to your portfolio!

We’re developing a number of news stories based on all things investing that will be placed in national news outlets such as The Times, The Telegraph or The Guardian. Please find the 2 topics below:

Title: Despite knowing investment offers better returns, four in five (80%) Brits still keep their savings in a current account.

Have you?

  • Once had more money in your cash ISA than you had invested?
  • Ever realised that you could earn more money over time if your money was invested instead?
  • Been concerned about putting money into risky investments? Moved your money from a cash ISA to an InvestEngine account to invest in low-risk ETFs?

Title: Younger generations the most ambitious for their money, but lack basic understanding of saving and investing.

Are you?

  • A young InvestEngine account holder (ideally in your 20s)?
  • New to investing but know you want your money to go further?
  • Learning more about investing through our app and various marketing channels?

Then we would love to hear more about your experience!

Please comment on this thread or reach out the media@investengine.com and we’ll set up a quick 10 min chat to discuss in further detail.

Note: There is no guarantee that you will be featured If you are, expect to have your full name disclosed and image potentially used. Additionally, the £50 renumeration will be deposited into your InvestEngine account.*


I messed about with trying to pick share, tried to grind out growth with a savings account, now and a happy steady Eddie etf investor.


Hi Christopher :wave:

Great to hear - I will send you a message directly!