Help us showcase the value of investing to more people [and earn £50]

As we approach the new financial year, we’re ramping up our communications activity to reach more people, showcase the value of investing in ETFs, and set out why InvestEngine is the best place to build your portfolio.

One of the key things we want to do as part of this is highlight the real-life experiences of customers like yourselves, and we’re keen to find users comfortable and willing to speak with members of the media about why they invest in ETFs and why they chose InvestEngine as the platform through which to do it.

While the InvestEngine team can talk to the benefits of investing, they don’t compare to the real-life stories and experiences of customers as, in our case, they’ll serve a great purpose to get more people into investing and help us to continue to develop a platform that meets your needs.

An opportunity could look like this:

  • We’re contacted by a journalist who is writing an article about stocks and shares ISAs.
  • That journalist is looking to include a real-life example of someone who holds an account.
  • We suggest someone who has an account with InvestEngine and who understands the power of ETF investing.
  • The journalist may ask to call that person, or will share written questions to find out more information.
  • The journalist will include this info in their article, and once it’s published you (and InvestEngine) will feature in it.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you via If you could also tell us a bit about why you decided to get into investing that would be helpful, and if we need to find out more we’ll look to set up a quick 10 min chat to talk through in more detail. To be aware, those taking part should be ok with being named and pictured in the media and we may not be able to offer the opportunity to everyone.

To show our appreciation, if we ask you to speak to a member of the media we will gift £50 into your account every time you do as a thank you contribution.