Filter searches via cost low to high

Hi all,

A request to the IE team please that when searching for ETFs - that you have a filter to search via cost low to high.

I along with many others members of IE I’m sure are quite cost focussed and that’s why we use this platform, so to be able to have this option would be of huge benefit, thanks.


I had requested for a excel list of the funds with the information, which Investnegine refuses to provide me
I find this pretty backward thinking ,It is not useful to customers .
I was requesting this with the ability to select and shortlist a set and range of funds to invest in ; The information at the site is not very handy.
I am holding off opening my ISA and also of my family till such time information is freely shared

Example: Freetrade offers this feature on one of my ISAs I have with them

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Thank you for such a good suggestion. I have passed on your proposal to the Development Team.

We’ll post updates on our Community Forums and social media whenever we do add new functionality to the platform.

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Hi @al_am . Apologies for any confusion. We have sent the Excel list with all available ETFs via email. If you haven’t received it, please submit a query from your registered email address and we will be happy to resend.

thank you, I have the list from you. It is quite useful

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