Some suggestions!

Hello! I have my ISA in InvestEngine since May and so far I’m enjoying the experience, in particular the feature of manually rebalancing the weights of each ETF is very helpful, however I would like to address some points that I think could improve the usage of the platform, from a costumer point of view:

TICKER - It would be extremely helpful if you could add the information about the ticker to the summary of each ETF (when looking into the list of ETFs inside the portfolio) near the weight percentages.
The same applies to the details of each Holding.

AMOUNTS - It would be nice to have the cash amount on side of the percentages shown in each element of an ETF (Holdings, Regions, Sectors, Asset Class).

FILTERS - On Analytics data, it would be much more helpful if the filters could narrow down until the smallest level (holding).

For example:
At the moment, when selecting a specific ETF and then selecting a Region, it shows all ETFs weights inside that specific region (ignoring the ETF selection done previously).

What I suggest is to be shown only the list of holdings of that region belonging to that specific ETF (leaving a note of that hierarchy selected on top, “ETF\Region”)
Only when selecting the smallest element of the hierarchy (holding), it would then show all ETFs containing that specific holding.

ETF Range - The 4 filters shown at the moment (Asset Class, Act/Dist, Hedged, ESG) are very helpful, it would be nice to have as well an option to sort the list of ETFs by Total Expense Ratio (ascendent/descendent).
Adding to this, it would be nice to be able to filter all the ETFs that contain a particular TICKER holding.

CHARTS - It would be nice if each chart could show each purchase point in time, this would be particularly helpful for the investors following a “Pound Cost Averaging” strategy.

Thank you very much for your attention and for your good work.

Kind regards,


Hi Pedro,
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, I’ll make sure to share this with the correct members of the team as we’re always looking for ways to improve our product and service.
Chat soon,

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Thank you Mark, much appreciated :+1:

Hi Team,
It would be great to have filter/search criteria to find the 500+ ETFs. My recommendation on the filter are
Filter by Provider (like invesco, iShares, etc.,)
Filter by TER
Filter by sector/Themes
Filter by Price range
Filter by performance %
It will help us to invest better and make quick decisions. Thank you for your support!

@Ananth - Great comment
We have have something in the work already for TER - look out for updates in the coming weeks.

We’ll look at your other filter suggestions too. Lots of them make sense too.
Not sure we need the Price range filter however? (if I’m understanding this correctly). The price of actual ETFs is almost arbitrary, as all our trades are on a fraction basis.

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@Ananth - TER Sorting is now available
(It just been released in the Web version - the mobile update will be coming soon too)


This is brilliant and was much needed - good work IE team :slight_smile:

AWESOME Thanks a bunch IE team and I really appreciate tom for responding back to me.