Growth 6 Managed Fund inconsistent results across 2 accounts?

I have opened 2 InvestEngine ISAs. One for myself and one for my mother. Chosen exactly the same blend (60% equities & 38% bonds) i.e. both are Growth 6 funds managed by InvestEngine.

Why are we seeing such different results? My Mother is down a significant amount, whereas I am up and in the green.

She has admittedly invested double what I have, but can someone explain the reason why I’m now in the green, and she continues to see decreasing red returns in her investment?

Thank you!

Did you invest at the same time? If not it’s likely you bought the fund when it was at a lower price

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Thanks for the kind response but I just checked and it was within a few days so I doubt that explains it. Any other reasons it could be?

I would just suggest reaching out to invest engine support directly if you have any doubt. As they will be able to give you a more informed reason then I can as I’m just a random guy giving it a guess.

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Thank you - I will ask IE support directly, as you suggest. It is a mystery to me !

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Hello Davko,

We appreciate your input into our Community.

We show your investment return in pounds (£) as well as percentage terms.

The pounds’ return number is your profit in cash terms or — if there’s a minus sign before the number — your loss. It is the difference between the total amount of money you invested and the current value of your portfolio, plus any withdrawals you have already made.

This is the calculation: Investment Return = Current Value + Withdrawals ‑ Contributions

The percentage investment return which we show is the time‑weighted return (TWR). This gives a better picture of performance for portfolios where you have made more than a single contribution and/or withdrawals. The TWR adjusts for these cash flows.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.