Here’s what winning ‘Best ETF Investment Platform 2023’ looks like 🏆

:tada: We’re proud to announce that InvestEngine has been awarded ‘Best ETF Investment Platform 2023’ by Good Money Guide! :trophy: Congratulations to our Head of Investments, Andrew Prosser, for accepting the award on behalf of the entire InvestEngine team. Thank you to all our clients and supporters for your trust and confidence in us. We remain committed to providing innovative investment solutions and exceptional service to help you achieve your financial goals.

Watch Andy receive the award here: 'Best ETF Investing Platform' Good Money Guide Awards 2023 - YouTube


Congrats… well deserved in my opinion.

The platform may not be right for all types of investors. But as a regular and long term investor I appreciate the low fees, ever growing list of offerings and ongoing improvements.

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brilliant news , well done to all.

if you can add a SIPP this summer you will get the 2024, 2025 , etc award too.

23/24 isa will be deposited with you soon.