We've been nominated! Times Money Mentor Best Stocks & Shares ISA

We are delighted to announce that InvestEngine has been shortlisted for The Times Money Mentor Best Stocks and Shares ISA award!

The Times Money Mentor was set up to provide consumers with objective, independent financial guidance, so they can make better, informed decisions about their money and we’re delighted to be recognised!

Why InvestEngine’s ISA is a winner…

  • ISA-fee-free!
    With many ISA providers, you’ll face fees. Account fees, set-up fees, trading fees, but with InvestEngine we won’t charge you anything extra for your ISA!

  • Highly rated
    Our ISA has received numerous recommendations as the go-to ISA platform and we’re delighted to be rated Excellent on Trustpilot and Amazing on Smart Money People.

  • The chance for your money to do more!
    Opting for a stocks and shares ISA gives your money the chance to grow, particularly compared to cash ISAs where the returns are unlikely to beat inflation.

  • Powerful automation
    Grow your wealth the easy way with our automated investing features. We provide a range of innovative tools and features to help you build and manage your investment portfolio, all for no extra cost. Read more about how we help you invest.

  • Ease of transfer
    Consolidate your existing ISAs with InvestEngine to benefit from our unbeatable value and powerful automation. It’s easy to transfer your existing ISAs to InvestEngine and we’ll sort out all the admin with your old provider. Click here to find out more.

Time to top up your ISA?

Why wait until the end of the tax year to open an ISA or to make full use of your £20,000 allowance?

Whether you’re just getting started or topping up your existing ISA, investing now gives you an extra six months to earn tax-free returns.


That’s excellent news, well done!


congrats. Investengine is doing great – Waiting for the product roadmap to move along with new features. Will it be possible to have a news/update pulled for each bought ETF? helps to know what is happening with the investment- e.g I did not know iShares was planning to restructure their water and agribusiness ETF by end of this year, to include companies from emerging markets as well.


Thanks @Joebha like the idea, I’ll feed it back to the team. Keep them coming!