IE equivalent ETF's

Hi, I am trying to find the equivalent IE ETF’s


Can anyone advise ?

If you put the ticker or description into JustETF, that will probably help you


As James says, justetf is probably the way to go. If you check which indices they track, you can select “matching indices” on justetf down the left hand side of the etf screener. This should return any etfs that track the same index and are investable for retail investors in the UK. You can then check if they are in the InvestEngine range. For some, there won’t be a good equivalent on justetf, because there are no UK retail investable etf that tracks the same index.

Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks. The ones I am interested don’t appear to have an equivalent in justetf :worried:. Specifically looking for an equity growth either global or is and an income dividend yield either global or us. Considering a 3 portfolio of s&p 500, growth and dividend with a 30/30/40 split. Dropping bonds as not convinced they really provide the stability and steady return of the past, prefer the dividend income route.

One that I can think of that might be of interest is GGRP - Wisdomtree Global Quality Dividend Growth. (In case you don’t know “quality” usually refers to characteristics of stocks that tend to result in growth.)

For the S&P 500, there are quite a few to choose from including SPXP (synthetic replication) and CSP1 (physical replication). People prefer different ones for different reasons.

Upvote GGRP or maybe look at Fidelity Quality Dividend

Instead of S&P500 maybe VanEck MOGB which follows the US stocks with the highest deemed MOAT.