InvestEngine sipp vs vanguard


If I’m reading it right. InvestEngine works out cheaper (0.15% fees capped at £250 instead of £375)

I’ve transferred my isa to IE already. Is there any reason not to transfer my SIPP?

Like is said it appears cheaper unless I’m missing something.

Would appreciate people’s thoughts

The IE SIPP offer is good but at this moment you cannot transfer SIPPs to IE. I understand that it is a high priority to accept transfers and will happen sometime in this tax year, but no one really knows when.
I also believe that withdrawals from an IE SIPP and possibly even a transfer out of an IE SIPP is difficult/not possible.
We are all looking out for any updates from IE on these issues.

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Hi, the SIPP fee is capped at £200 per year with IE - which means that it would make sense to transfer the Vanguard SIPP if it is over £133 K.

Up to this amount both SIPPS are equal - if you only invest in Vanguard ETF’s, that is.

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Something to remember the £375 Vanguard cap is over the whole platform, not just the Sipp.

Personally when you have the amount I have invested over a GIA, ISA and SIPP with Vanguard, £375 platform is not much. Therefore I consider other stuff to compare if I wanted to move.


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