SIPP 'IN' Transfers

When are we going to be able to transfer existing pensions into the IE SIPP? It feels like there has been no progress on this since the SIPP was launched. With Vanguard bringing out a mobile app in the near future it feels like IE are going to miss out on their existing advantage…


I think its likely they want to smooth out the SIPP service on offer before they give themselves all the extra admin of making transfers available. I’m sure it will come sooner or later.
I also think IE can afford to wait as vanguards offer will still not provide the diversity of etfs IE does.


I’m frustrated with this. They said in January, that this was coming soon. It’s the last working day of June and it’s still not here with no further communications on the topic.


I gave up waiting and went elsewhere. The carrot was dangled far too early. “its coming soon” might work for a block buster movie but not for a product such as this IMO


Hadn’t heard Vanguard were getting an app - I’m eager to try it out. IE’s is a bit of a let down (in terms of updates and undelivered promises) and I’m a fan of vanguard buy their lack of an app for U.K. investors I’ve found frustrating.

Hello there, I’m sorry you were disappointed with your experience. We would love to hear your feedback and ways you feel we could improve our app. Our Development team are keen to hear what our clients say and is willing to implement as many features as possible to improve our client’s user experience. Feel free to respond here or send us an email to We hope to hear from you.

Who did you choose in the end?

I am awaiting t his as well, I have my SIPP all set up but cannot transfer my pension over as of yet. Is there a time line for when this will be available - if its going to be another 6 months it would be nice to know so i can go else where too.


I have a SIPP with AJBell which I am happy with so will probably use this.

I’m still keen to migrate my SIPP into IE.
Is there any chance anyone could provide us with a ballpark estimate of when this functionality might be available?
Many thanks.