(Investing) NY Resolutions for 2022

Doing a bit of thinking about my Investing New Years resolutions for 2022.
Here are my personal ones

## 1. Do an Annual Review
Writing down my investment goals (and their time horizon), looking at what I’m currently invested in, and making changes where I need to.

## 2. Pay less in fees
I don’t like paying fees. I want to avoid it where I can. (Platform fee, Fund fees, Transaction fees, fees disguised as commissions, FX fees). I’m currently paying monthly fees on InteractiveInvestor & FreeTrade :confused:

## 3. Expand my Portfolio
Both in terms of making contributions and in diversification. Making sure I’m invested across all types of assets. (No more Crypto-currencies thought - sticking to tangible asset in 2022)

## 4. (Try to) Become a Regular Rebalancer
I’ve previously taken a buy and hold approach. I want to monitor my positions and look at doing regular rebalances in 2022, resetting asset allocations so I’m investing at my intended weights


Increasing tax efficiency would definitely be added to my resolutions as well!

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