JP Morgan Global Equity Premium Income Ticker correct?

First of all, thanks for adding the J.P. Morgan Global Equity Premium Income fund! Much appreciated.

Just wanted to confirm if you are listing the Dollar or Pound version of the fund? The price is listed here as GBP, but the JEPG ticker used is for the USD denomination. The Pound Sterling denomination (GBX) ticker is JEGP

JEPG = Price in US Dollar
JEGP = Price in Pound Sterling

Hi! It will be the Pound version. We’ll certainly look into amending the ticker accordingly.
Thank you for raising this with us. Should you have any further insights or questions, please feel free to share them.

I’m pleased to confirm that the team just has advised that it’s fixed now, should be JEGP, and yes in £GBP.

Thanks! I just checked my portfolio and can confirm it is now correct and that it also now displays the data of all the holdings within this fund.

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