Junior ISA Coming?

Any plans to introduce a JISA in the near future?

I would be interested in that too.


@nven200 @NDave - We’d like to and its something we regularly talk about. I can’t honestly say its next on the development plans at the moment thought.

One of main hurdles / considerations for this one is understanding how much demand there is for JISAs. Do we do this first or say develop SIPPs / add more ETFs
etc. That’s a roundabout way of me saying thanks for posting, its great to hear you want JISAs :slight_smile:

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I’d love it if you could prioritise Junior ISA.

I’ve been really impressed with how easy it was to get my own ISA going, and I have cash waiting to invest in two Juniors.

So add two more names to the wishlist please!

Incidentally, I’d also really like to open two Junior SIPPs for them as well!