Lifetime ISA Support

Please could InvestEngine add support for Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISAs (aka LISA) in the product range?

Really enjoying the platform so far and would be interested in porting a LISA over if I could



yes I really want this, my current one is with HL and the fees are horrendous :weary:

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Me three! I currently have my LISA with Nutmeg but would switch in an instant if it was available.

I agree, I’d like to see LISA support also.

Hello, We are delighted that you are happy with our platform and will continue to improve and provide the best service we possibly can. Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISA is already on our product roadmap, however we currently do not have a timeframe as to when they’ll be available. We will post updates on our [Community Forums]. Thanks again for your interest and have a lovely day!


Amazing thank you!!!

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