Legal & General Global 100 Index

Really like this index tracker as it’s very low fees (0.09%) and the performance of the top 100 companies has beaten the average market in the last few years. HL page.

Request to introduce it to InvestEngine and also if anyone else knows a similar fund that is already available on here please let me know.

PS love the simplicity and ease of use of InvestEngine compared to my other accounts (iWeb, BestInvest).


Isn’t this a fund not an ETF? Not sure if there is a similar ETF available.

Oh yes could be and perhaps that’s why it’s not available.

LGGG (L&G Global Equity) is available on InvestEngine. This is similar in makeup and past performance. TER is 0.10%.

Thanks! Yes I’m invested in that one and the performance is similar, but the 100 over 5 years is quite a bit better performing:

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