ETF Request FWRG

New ETF launched: FTSE All-World ETF from Invesco with a cost of 0.15.

Would be great to have this when possible :+1:

Copy/Paste from LSE:

Today, London Stock Exchange welcomes Invesco for the launch of the Invesco FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (London Stock Exchange ticker: FTWD). The global investment manager’s new ETF will track the performance of the FTSE All-World Index, which comprises more than 4,000 stocks from across the world, covering large and midcap companies in 49 developed and emerging market countries. The ETF has a charge of 0.15% per annum, making it the lowest-cost ETF for any similar exposure in Europe.


I would like to buy QYLP covered calls ETF please

Hi @Optimisery always great to see InvestEngine clients up to date with the latest ETF news!

We were invited by our friends at Invesco to join the opening of the London Stock Exchange yesterday, and I’m pleased to share that the FTSE All-World ETF is now available for your portfolios on InvestEngine!

You can check it out here: Invesco FTSE All-World (FWRG) | InvestEngine
Holdings information will be added shortly :slight_smile:

Some pics also attached from yesterday’s launch


Awesome news Adam! Thank you :+1:

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My only concern with this is how small the two ETFs are for the Acc/Dis versions.

Vanguard is 0.22% so you save 0.07% in fees however the invesco funds are only 6m and 1m respectively. The vanguards ones are 5,792m and 8,525m respectively.

I’m sure more money will flow in it’s direction but maybe wait until it is a little more chunkier in size. I would fear that the tracking error could suffer - it contains over 4000 equities.

If the money starts to transfer from Vanguard to Invesco in significant quantities I would expect Vanguard to react.

Edit: Added umbrella fund - does this mitigate this somewhat?