Managed portfolios excluding Korea

Can anyone explain why the IE managed portfolios have chosen to exclude South Korean equity? I know it’s because they use MSCI developed market funds in combination with FTSE emerging market fund (neither of which include Korea), but I was hoping for some reasoning behind why they would choose not to use MSCI emerging market funds to ensure countries like Korea don’t get excluded.

You could use Franklin Emerging Markets UCITS ETF, ISIN: IE00BF2B0K52, Ticker: FLXE. More details can be found here -


There are lots of options IE could use, I assume they pick the ftse one as the fees are low but I don’t think it worth it for the exclusion of countries in the managed portfolios. I hope someone from IE can explain there emerging market etf selection.

If you have dug into the depths of this enough to understand this. I think you should manage your own ETF portfolio :wink: