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I’m a new user and have set up a business account, and am wanting to transfer my personal ISA too.

I was sad to see there are no money market ETFs available to users. I see this as a huge concern for the growth of the business. For example, businesses often have significant cash on their balance sheets, and I can see InvestEngine dominating this market if they act quickly. Similarly, consumers may wish to have an element of their portfolios in cash, and a money market ETF is the safest way for them to do this.

Offering BlackRock Cash D, along with other examples, would allow Business, and ISA, customers to get as close to SONIA as possible. In an investment environment in which rates are going up, I see it as essential InvestEngine offer this products to consumers.

If you could advise:

Is this something InvestEngine would consider? E.g. If the company never plans to offer money market funds to consumers for a particular reason, could you advise, and share the reasons for this?

If Yes to above, could you advise what the average time for an ETF to be available to consumers is, please?



Hi IG,

This is something we have been looking into. BlackRock’s Cash D is a mutual fund so it’s unlikely this will be added in the near future.

In the ETF space, there is also a lack of GBP Money Market ETFs so there is a product availability limitation from our side.

However, and this is by no means a recommendation, InvestEngine does have CSH2 (Lyxor Smart Overnight Return) which aims to achieve short term returns higher than the benchmark rate Sonia with extremely low volatility.

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@InvestedGeordie As well at the money market fund CSH2 there is also XSTR. If you are familiar with PensionCraft I believe CSH2 is popular with their members, and Ramin covers it in this video: Where To Hold Cash For Higher Returns & Lower Risk - YouTube.

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