Money market ETF

I’ve put some cash in my IE ISA that I’d like to use as a quasi emergency fund which I can access in 1-2 days.

What ETF would you suggest using for a money market fund which returns as close to the BoE rate as possible and is cheap and liquid. Thanks!

Hi! Please note, that we are not an advisory platform and cannot comment or advise on your investment decisions.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear, the question wasn’t asking for advice from IE, it was meant as a question for people using the platform! :slight_smile:

To be honest - none.

Settlement of any ETF is 2 days - and with IE sometimes longer. Then you have the time for IE to pay out, another day perhaps.

That said if you’re prepared for that, then CSH2 aims to track close to cash rates in GBP.

But equally you can get instant access cash accounts from banks/bldg societies that have similar rates.



You’re right, I didn’t realise there are easy-access flexible cash ISAs returning around 5%, that’ll serve my purpose much better.

A perfect reply in my book. Though he will be lucky to find an instant withdrawal retail bank account that gets anywhere near CSH2 at the moment. Chip does fairly well though, for me.

I would add that many investing platforms take 2-3 days to get the money accross to a current account even where cash is being withdrawn.
Many platforms claim that it is just the way banking transfers work. Three days is the bank transfer max.
My experience is that most of the time bank transfers for accounts between retail banks are instant.
I think this is something platforms like Invest Engine need to look at.
This is why my emergency cash is never on a platform like IE.