Money Unshackled's Ultimate Portfolio

Heard of Money Unshackled’s Ultimate Portfolio? Well you can now invest in it commission-free with InvestEngine DIY.

Ben and Andy from Money Unshackled have built, in their view, their Ultimate Portfolio — made up of 5 ETFs covering equities & commodities. Have a look at their philosophy on YouTube here..

Want to see how they build it on InvestEngine DIY — check out this short video

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This is great. Invest Engine could improve it by allowing people to replace EMIM with MXFP.


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Thanks Josh, MXFP is on our coming soon list so should be with you shortly!

Don’t want to sound impatient but do you know how soon?

Thank you!

No worries. We’re expecting the latest timings this week, so we’ll get back to you when we have a confirmed timeline

Can I ask why the delay in offering any UK/European based ETF? Chances are you ping a market maker for a price, execute the trade, settle and manage custody. Barring some static data setups at the outset and cost implications of trading very small volumes of shares and IE bearing the settlement/custody charges - why delay? why curate the universe? Where’s the complexity slowing your ability to grow your ETF range?

Nice work though, enjoying the platform.

Hi @Badger,

There are a few reasons…

  • Market makers need to quote (we do test trades before enabling any security)
  • Confirming custody facilities
  • Loading considerations for systems and processes (i.e. Managing Operational risk)
  • Underlying/Look-through data need to flow through and be updated automatically
    (We run checks here, only off adding funds when +95% of the equity holdings as catalogued)
  • Other static data, pricing data and processes to deal with corporate actions aren’t insignificant
  • Settlement currency + and FX processes limit us for European ETFs (we’re just GBP for the moment)

We have made the decision to only add LSE listed, GBP (unleveraged) ETFs for the moment. We also need to consider liquidity and the size of the fund (to ensure we can trade it).

All that said (and I have definitely missed some bits), we want to expand our universe and speed up our processes for adding new ETFs. Hopeful we’ll be adding a lot more funds very shortly!

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This is what I’m invested in. Initially, I would’ve chosen just one global index fund to keep things simple but I came across this video a few months ago and it just made sense to me. It’s global and covers developed, emerging, small caps and some metals. I’m not exactly in my 20’s or even 30’s and it may be a bit equity heavy but for now it suits my risk tolerance and the aim is to just invest monthly and leave it alone.


Hi Josh, what is the main difference?

It’s synthetic so it doesn’t have any dividend tax withheld by certain countries. It doesn’t invest in the total emerging market though only large and mid cap I think. So there’s a plus and a minus.

OK, so the above is my portfolio.

Maybe worth doing another split? Into 4 ETFs, to use both emerging market funds…?

You would be overlapping. Need to make a decision on what you prefer, total emerging with dividends taxes or large/mid caps without taxes. Mixing wouldn’t be terrible but may be unnecessary complexity.