Multiple portfolios VS Single portfolio

So I’ve only been investing for 11 months. At first, I only invested in the S&P500 (VUAG) but I’ve since added more global exposure (VWRP) and also have some in IE’s managed but I won’t include that in this. I’m starting to regret not doing everything in a single DIY portfolio and having the weights do the work for me when I add money passively or manually. Instead, I created 3 separate DIY portfolios which was exciting at first but has now started to annoy me now the novelty has worn off. I’ve ended up with 1 portfolio in S&P500, one in a global fund and then a final one where it’s more aggressive tech ETFs. But reaching a point where I’m just confused of how much to invest in each, and feel I’m just hoping for the best…Not really much strategy involved. BTW all of these are within ISA.

DIY 01 - S&P500
Vanguard S&P 500 (VUAG) = 100%

VWRP = 90%
CSH2 = 10%

iShares NASDAQ 100 (CNX1) = 25%
Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology (XXTW) = 25%
iShares MSCI Japan (IJPH) = 20%
Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe Ex‑UK (VERG) = 15%
iShares MSCI Europe Information Technology Sector (ESIT) = 10%
VanEck Vectors Semiconductor (SMGB) = 5%

I have much less money in DIY 03, it was more just to tinker with a bag of ETFs and see how they did. But I’ve realised I spend way too much time messing around, and just want to simplify things with a focus on growth. Looking to be invested for 20+ years and now just want something easy.

Would you just focus on a single portfolio with carefully chosen weights or keep as is and work out a savings plan for each? Is it worth selling off these other portfolios just to combine them?

Personally, I would simplify the whole lot. Sell your winners. Then pick an ETF that is broad market based, and put all of your proceeds into it. Otherwise it becomes an anxious headache to monitor them etc. I personally now only use highly liquid ETfs such as VUAG and IITU. If you want to do a core-satellite allocation, then no less than 70% in your core fund, then maybe up to 6 funds no greater than 5% in each satellite fund. Then you can try and beat the market or whatever, with out having to risk your entire portfolio. Then sell your satellite funds and rebalance. Tbh, an All-World fund should be ample as a core fund. Don’t make investing complex, and if you really need to outsmart the market, just buy a few cheap stocks on Robinhood, and see what happens. This is your fun money.


Thanks for the response! Sorry for late reply!

All my portfolios are down currently so I’d be selling at a loss on the individual holdings, but my VUAG portfolio is still keeping my overall account in green.

Did you mean have a core fund as in global fund? VUAG seems to have been a good ride so far but that is only US.

Would it be silly going VWRP 40% VUAG 40% then 4 different diverse satellite funds at 5% each? I mean this is kind of what my portfolio is now just separated in different portfolios.

A core fund is where the bulk of your money is held. A satellite is a smaller fund that you add to hopefully diversify or give you greater returns. Either VWRL OR VUAG would be a good good core fund. Tbh, I just hold VUAG, it’s my only ETF and investment nowadays because it hits the sweet spot…not too expensive, not too volatile, and gives a good return.

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Very interesting.

Like I said, that’s what I did to begin with and have seen nothing but positive returns since. But lots of scaremongering online about not going all in on the S&P500 hence I started to look global.

My SiPP on the other hand which I hold with Vanguard and only VWRP has just been down since I lump summed into it few months back, so I’m yet to have a positive experience with it and fees are much higher.

I mean I guess I’m a newbie to investing but VUAG just seems like a safety blanket to me so far. Tempted to just keep my SiPP in global and use my ISA for S&P500. Steady good returns and low fees, can’t really beat it…

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Absolutely…that’s a great plan. You’ll still be diversified with either fund. I dont hold the same funds in SIPP and ISA either. I wouldn’t listen to online scaremongers. That’s their insecurities. Ignore it. Good luck with it all.

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