Newbie ETF advice

Here is the link to my portfolio ISA

I am a newbie and want to get some feedback from this community.

Would it be better to use a worldwide fund instead of splitting them like what I have done
I am also thinking of adding iShares physical gold etf.

Any other comments are also welcome

The link doesn’t seem to work for me, so not sure what’s in your portfolio. A world fund would be easier, but you could produce your own from multiple funds as long as you are happy to rebalance occasionally. Make sure you are including large, mid and small cap from the developed world according to their global weighting, as well as some emerging markets.

Hi Ted,

Thanks for pointing it out. I was not aware, anyway here is a screenshot of the ETFs

yes, i plan to watch this and maybe rebalance it as I learn more

It’s a good portfolio and will serve you well, but some points:

Are you looking to accurately recreate DIY a global tracker fund? If so:

  1. UK stocks are included in the Lyxor Europe fund from what I remember (as I used to use it) - so having the FTSE 100 also doubles up UK exposure

  2. You’re missing an Asian Pacific fund

  3. Amundi Prime Global covers world developed markets, and very cheaply too at 0.04% including transaction fees. This is both cheaper and easier than managing and rebalancing more funds. I now use this and added emerging markets and a small cap fund to track global markets as closely and cheaply as possible

  4. you’ve got commodities for another asset class and are considering gold, but also consider REITS as you get little exposure to them through global tracker funds.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I was not looking to recreate a global tracker fund, but in the end it happened to be so.
That’s what prompted me to ask if I could use a single fund against so many and save on costs as well.

My other reasoning was to separate the regions, so the risks are isolated and maximise regional growth instead of having a single global fund (which averages out). I do not know if this is a valid statement, so will try to experiment this with a small amount

I was not aware of the double UK exposure, in that case, I will rebalance FTSE 100 to zero and keep the Lyxor Europe.