New ETF request: ZPRV and ZPRX

The combination of both would give US and Europe small cap value coverage.
Ideally I’d like an ETF tracking the MSCI World Small Cap Value Index, but haven’t been able to find one

InvestEngjne only offer ETFs that trade in GBP, so i don’t think they would be able to add either of these unfortunately.

The small cap value asset class is a big bug bear of mine for UK investors. I haven’t found a suitable US ETF yet…

DFE is a great small cap value ETF for Europe. There’s also an accumulating version if you prefer that.

The companies in it are smaller and more value orientated than ZPRX. Check out morning star portfolio data. Let me know if you need help with this.

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Thanks for your ETF suggestion.

I’m afraid both ETFs are traded in EUR. At this time, we only provide ETFs that are traded in GBP and are also available on the London Stock Exchange.

I have still forwarded your request to our investment team as there may be similar funds we can look at which are available to UK investors.

If you have any alternative ETFs you would like to see that meet the above criteria, please be sure to let us know.

Thanks, I can’t seem to find one, which is surprising.