Onboarding help?

:wave: Can someone help me…what does InvestEngine’s on-boarding process look like?


Hi Investor2000, thank you for your query, it’s really simple. Just go to our website, https://investengine.com/, and click Get started , then select whether you’re investing as an Individual or Business. Create an online account to save your progress. Click Add new portfolio and select Do it yourself. Once you have done this you can browse our range of 150+ great-value exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and select the ETFs you want to start your portfolio. You can set weights for each ETF in your portfolio — equal allocations, or more in some and less and others. These target weights (which you can adjust at any time) are a key feature of our DIY service, helping you manage your portfolio and maintain your investment strategy! Our website will take you through each step of the onboarding process but if you need any assistance you can reach out to our Customer Services team.