Our crowdfunding webinar — Hear from the team

As our crowdfund enters it’s final week, I’m pleased to share a recent webinar recording featuring our CEO, Andrey and myself.

In the webinar we discuss:

  • Our USP and competitive advantage
  • A deep dive into our product features and short-term product development
  • Our growth and traction since launch and our plan to build on this success going forward
  • Our key marketing channels and recent partnerships

We are thrilled to have raised over £1.65m from more than 750 investors so far!

If you are still considering the opportunity, we would be delighted to welcome you on board. We’re due to close the campaign in 7 days time so don’t miss out.

Watch the recording here!

You can ask us any questions you may have below or by emailing us at invest@investengine.com.