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As valued clients of InvestEngine and members of the growing ETF community, I’m sure you will have heard the exciting news that we’re launching our first Crowdfunding round in the coming weeks. Marking the latest milestone on the InvestEngine journey.

We founded InvestEngine to make affordable, portfolio-minded investing accessible to everyone and we’re delighted that thousands of you trust your investments with us.

With your support, we’ve achieved a lot in the past year. The launch of our DIY portfolios, growing our ETF universe to over 500 with your requests, and delivering multiple features to help you power your long-term investing, including ETF LookThrough and AutoInvest. Crowdfunding will help us to continue to develop the platform as your investing needs grow and to bring our unbeatable value and market-leading features to more investors.

You can find out more about the Crowdfunding and pre-register your interest here

Our story so far:

  • Backed by experienced entrepreneurs who founded Gumtree and Slando, later sold to eBay & Naspers respectively
  • Proprietary technology built by an experienced team from the likes of BlackRock, FNZ, HSBC, L&G, Investec, Nutmeg & Plum
  • Trusted by over 5,000 active customers with £25m+ in assets and growing fast
  • Achieving 30% growth month-on-month
  • Addressing a £1.5tn opportunity

Our focus on ETFs
Not only do ETFs provide an excellent foundation for investors with instant diversification, low-fees and broad investment choice, the market itself is also booming. In 2021, global assets held in ETFs grew to over $10tn in 2021, more than double the $4.8tn figure in Dec 2018.

For now, I’d like to thank you for your support so far and invite you to pre-register for the Crowdfund via the link below, allowing you to be the first to hear once our crowdfunding is launched.



Our Crowdfund is now live on Crowdcube!

We’ll go live to the public next week, but wanted to give you, as members of the InvestEngine community, the opportunity to secure your investment beforehand.

With only a limited amount of space available, this is your chance to invest in InvestEngine and share in our journey to revolutionise ETF investing.

Head to to see the full pitch and secure your investment before we open to the public.



Is there any benefit to investing now as opposed to the ‘public’ launch? In effect it is already public as this link is available on various forums already!

Hi @GeeDub, there is a limit to the amount that people can invest, so the early launch to the InvestEngine community provides a better chance of becoming a shareholder. Once the crowdfund is live outside of InvestEngine’s audiences the chances that the limit is reached before you get a chance to invest will be higher. Hope that helps.


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Thanks Adam. So when the £700k is hit no one else can invest? At this rate it’ll be closed before it goes public :slight_smile:

Not quite :slight_smile: £700k is our minimum funding target and we will certainly keep the campaign open once we hit that amount. We want to give as many members of our community as possible the chance to invest in us and share in our success but it won’t be unlimited.

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Ah ok, gotcha, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Been super impressed with everything about Invest Engine since joining, so had little hesitation dipping my toe into crowdfunding with a few bob, for the first time ever :slightly_smiling_face:


Made a small investment.

I noticed the investor rewards includes first look at InvestEngine Plus. Any teasers on what ‘Plus’ will include? :slight_smile:

On the InvestEngine page on Crowdcube, if you go to ‘documents’ and then request access to restricted documents. Once you have been given access to it, there is some information about the Premium features within the Deck PDF.

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