Rate my portfolio

I currently have the following.

80% SPDR MSCI World - SWLD
10% iShares MSCI World Emerging Markets IMI - EMIM
10% iShares MSCI World Small Cap WLDS

Trying my best to emulate VT as cheaply as possible. It is only available in the US. It’s a global all cap market weighted fund - I believe int he efficient market hypothesis.

Think this does a decent job of doing that?

Could it be done better or more cheaply?

Very annoying that IMID is in $ despite being on the London Stock Exchange.

Good morning Josh.

I went through your ETFs and realised all of them are accumulated (dividends reinvested automatically into the ETF).

If you want an accumulated ETF that tracks the whole world you can try:

  • Invesco FTSE All World UCITS Acc. - Ticker: FWRG and it costs you 0.15% p.a.

It should work out the same or a bit cheaper that what you have already, however, you would have everything there rather than having 3 ETFs.

This is a pretty new ETF and It does not have a long track record, however, Invesco have a good track record of good performing ETFs.

Another option is:

  • Vanguard FTSE All World UCITS Acc. - Ticker: VWRP TER 0.22% p.a.

This is by far the most popular accumulated option, the reason for that is because was the only All World option until a few months ago.

Other alternatives are their distributed counterparts:

  • Invesco FTSE All World UCITS Dist. Ticker: FTWG TER: 15% p.a.

  • Vanguard FTSE All World UCITS Dist. Ticker: VWRL TER: 0.22% p.a.

VWRL Is one of the best popular ETFs and it is well credited.

However, do your own research before making any decision.

I hope it helps.

Thanks Damiano,

Unfortunately none of those capture small caps and the bid ask spread on the Invesco ones are quite large.

TER of the portfolio I have is 0.149% so it’s also cheaper.


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It’d be nice if Vanguard were to make VAFTGAG available as an ETF.

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