Total balance graphic

Suggestion: Would it be possible to have a total balance graphic of some sort: similar to that of individual portfolios or even a bar chart as per dividends?


I’d like this too! Commenting to add my support.

I accidentally found this hiding today in Settings - Analytics. You can then see graphics and sector/region/holding breakdowns across all of your IE portfolios in one place.

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I saw that. I use it mostly for doing regional re balancing; moving from UK to US and World.

Hello! Thank you for your suggestion, please know that we have forwarded it to the relevant team to look into the possibility of adding this to the platform.

Would you mind telling us more about what would you like to see in such graph?

Perhaps something quite simple. Like the one for individual portfolios that shows the amount invested as a dotted line and the profit/loss shown as a superimposed, ascending/descending coloured line.

Might work best as a ‘drop down’ window given the limited space available.

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Thank you for further clarifications! I have already contacted our Development team to look into your suggestion.