Suggestion: Cumulative TWR Graph

Posted something similar before but now know exactly what graph is needed in IE DIY portfolios.

Currently, we just have a value graph. It’s not useful at all really when visualising portfolio growth/decline due to big jumps when adding funds. We need a cumulative TWR graph, here’s an example on Interactive Brokers:

A nice to have would be the ability to select a benchmark to compare to.

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Thank you for submitting this suggestion to InvestEngine.

I have passed on your proposal to the Development Team, who will consider adding this feature to our Product Roadmap.

Even easier, implement the same toggle you added in the managed portfolios. You can toggle and net out any contributions. Not included in the DIY portfolios, this feature is frequently requested.

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We are releasing this version of the graph to the DIY portfolios also, keep an eye out for updates on here!

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