Transfer bonus - cut-off

Is the cash bonus for transfer deadline of 30/04 applies to the date transfer request was put in or the date the transfer was actually completed?

It’s the day the request was put in.

Thanks, is there any official confirmation in T&C of this

I’ve got an isa maturing 19th may. It looks like I’ve just missed the deadline. Is there any chance I could send my request before the deadline with instructions to send funds 20 days later and still qualify for the bonus ?

Hello! Please see our bonuses terms & conditions here - InvestEngine Term Incentives

@richtom To be able to receive the bonus, your ISA transfer should be initiated before the promotional period ends (before 30/04). I have raised your query with our ISA team and they confirmed, that unfortunately, in your case, you won’t be able to receive the bonus.


For anyone else wondering I found this in T&C

Where a New Customer initiates an ISA transfer to InvestEngine before the Promotional Period End but InvestEngine has not received the funds by this time, the New Customer will be eligible for the applicable reward based on the value of the funds received by InvestEngine from the former ISA provider, and not the value as at the date of the Promotional Period End or any other value quoted. The New Customer will receive the reward following receipt of the funds, and must maintain the Net Contribution as specified above for 12 months from that date.