Introducing our ISA Season Bonuses

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share that from now until the 30th of April 2024, you can get up to £2,500 in ISA bonuses for any ISA transfers to InvestEngine, for existing customers! (Ts&Cs apply InvestEngine Term Incentives).

As many of you may know, ISAs offer fantastic tax advantages and, paired with low-cost ETFs, are a great way to invest for the long term.

Why InvestEngine for your 2024 ISA?

  • Zero ISA or platform fees
  • Market-leading automated investing with Savings Plans
  • Commission-free DIY & Managed (0.25% fee) portfolio options
  • Which? Recommended ISA platform
  • More than just an ISA – we also offer SIPPs & Business Accounts

If you’d like to find out more about the bonuses, click here (InvestEngine Term Incentives).

Additionally, new customers they will also be able to receive a bonus for any transfers, plus any top-up contributions as well from 26/02/24.

We look forward to supporting your long-term ISA investing!

The InvestEngine Team

Capital at Risk. Tax treatment is dependent on personal circumstances.

This seems too good to be true.

So you are free of charge and now you want to pay me hundreds of pounds to move my ISAs to your platform from which you will earn no money?

It sounds a great - but I can’t help be feeling there could be a rug pull with a future platform fee once I move my ISAs from elsewhere.

Can you allay my fears?



Im also wondering this but not sure if anyone can tell whats gonna happen for certain in order to address such concern. Even if fees ever get introduced, its also important by how much and when. Just to entertain the idea, if IE decides to introduce ISA fees but that happens years into the future and they still work out to be more competitive, then we still cant argue that transferring in now was a mistake.

Anyway, as an existing customer, it appears that this offer only applies to me if I transfer another ISA in and not what I contribute to the IE ISA by 30th April (according to the T&Cs at least). But what I couldnt see, unless Im missing it is this - if I, as existing customer, apply for a transfer and it doesnt complete by 30th April (e.g. delays by the other provider or anything unexpected) would I still receive the corresponding bonus on basis of me applying for the transfer before the end of the promo?

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Hi @Josh & @Kaizn917

Thanks for the questions. A lot of your queries can be covered on this blog article: How we’re able to provide a free service – InvestEngine Insights

Our current model is baked into our long-term business model, so whilst I can never say anything for certain, it would go against our philosophy to pull the rug on you so to speak - you can see this with the recent competitive launch of our SIPP solution which we also discussed with our community before deciding on the pricing.

Another thing to consider is that our free proposition & generous bonuses (on top of our excellent solution) may seem expensive, but they’re also great for our customers and great for growing the business. Many traditional businesses would spend this budget on more expensive advertising whereas we prefer to reward you, in the hope you’ll share our business with your friends, rather than rewarding the ad-execs.

Hope that helps to reassure you.


@Kaizn917 to your ISA transfer question, yes it’s covered in the Ts&Cs here. Provided your Transfer is initiated during the period, we will still offer you a bonus if it completes afterwards.

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The bonus is approx 0.8% of the transferred amount. Decent, but I wouldn’t say it’s huge.

Personally, irrespective of the bonus, I wouldn’t consider it because IE don’t offer in-specie transfer outs.


Fantastic, I have a fixed rate cash ISA that matures in April, will be transferring to Invest Engine.

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sorry for not reading it correct but am i right in reading the offer as below.

if a new customer funds an isa with cash or transfers an isa to IE they get a cash bonus.

if an existing customer funds an isa with cash they DO NOT get a cash bonus but they do if they transfer an isa.

bit confused TBH

Hello Mark, that is correct. New clients receive a bonus on deposits and transfers, existing clients receive the bonus on transfers only. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Amazing. We look forward to having you on the platform!

Already using IE, transferring another ISA over with this offer

hi dee,

my new 20k 2024/25 isa cash deposit will go to your competitor as i will get cashback.

my managed 21.9k GIA portfolio will be sold on 6th of april and my managed 21.7k isa will be transfered as will my 5.7k isa as a protest!

i thought the ‘loyalty penalty’ was over and frowned upon at best.

great offer for ‘new clients’ but not as good for existing customers.

not a happy IE customer.

Just deposit at the new provider, collect your cashback and then move it to IE before April 30th and you too can participate in this offer.

Don’t understand why you are throwing your toys out the pram and airing your dirty laundry. Just vote with your feet. I just hope you aren’t running to a high free provider to grab some token cashback.

People! People! Why look a gift horse in the eye?
It’s a win-win for everyone.
It’s Friday, it’s the first day of spring and ISA season is here :blush:


Happy first day of spring and happy ISA Season :blush: