VWRL holdings anomalies

Hi all, first post.

Just wanted to bring to attention a few anomalies I’ve noticed within the holdings for Vanguard VWRL compared to the Vanguard site listings.

Samsung show on Vanguard as 0.38% but on IE as <0.1%
Nestle on Vanguard is 0.47% but on IE is also <0.1%
Berkshire Hathaway on Vanguard is 0.75% but on IE is 0.3%

These have stood out to me most as I downsized from various funds down to just this one in this portfolio.

As a side note although I’m no longer using the fund VAPX on Vanguard has Samsung as its biggest holding at 9.16% but on IE it is 1.2% and below 13 other companies.

Most importantly the prices match so these anomalies are merely superficial but I guess make a difference to the make up of Regions and Sectors.

All in all I really like the IE platform so far, keep up the great work. Thanks