Want to use your ISA allowance but nervous about investing?

Is recent stockmarket volatility making you nervous about using your ISA allowance by the 5th April deadline?

Or perhaps you just can’t decide what to invest in currently?

No problem…

Your money needs to be in your ISA by 5th April to get the tax benefits. But with our DIY service it doesn’t have to be invested by then.

So with InvestEngine you can use your tax-free ISA allowance now, then sit on the cash until you’re ready to invest.

Note, only our DIY portfolios let you hold cash — any cash you pay into one of our Managed portfolios will be automatically invested.

Also, if you want to hold cash in a DIY portfolio, you’ll need to ensure that AutoInvest is turned OFF in your portfolio dashboard (with AutoInvest turned ON, cash is automatically invested according to your chosen portfolio weights).

If you don’t already have an InvestEngine ISA, you can find out more here — as well as the flexibility of being able to hold cash, there are NO account fees on our ISA. We also have a useful summary of the 21/22 ISA rules.

What are you doing with your ISA allowance this year? Let us know by commenting below…


Ah, didn’t realise this. Good to know, thank you!


" but nervous about investing?" Definitely not, as the saying goes Time in the Market, not Timing the Market