Cash at account level

Hi All,

I’m pleased to announce we’ve now rolled out Account Cash to all customers!. To those of you with Income portfolios this will come as old news (as they we’re enabled for you back in December). However, for everyone else this feature was only added in the last few days.

Why have we added Account Cash?

  • #1 ReasonFeedback from our customers & community
    Portfolio Dashboard
    Move cash to and from different Portfolios
    Selling portfolio and ISA allowance

  • Ability to Topup an ISA before you Invest
    As we approach ISA season we know that many customers want to secure they’re 2022/23 ISA allowance but aren’t quite ready to Invest. (Yes, technically you could do this in a DIY portfolio - but it want the most intuitive)

  • Enabling more Investment options in the future
    As we looked at our plans we felt we needed to improve cash management before we look at adding more investment options. Features such as automated ‘drip-feed investing’ and ‘pound-cost averaging’, the latest developments with open banking (cash sweeping and variable recurring payment) and the plan regarding SIPP accounts would all benefit from account cash.


If I move cash between ISA portfolios & ISA account cash will it affect my ISA allowance
No! So long as the funds remain within your ISA account / Any InvestEngine “ISA” portfolios your annual allowance won’t be affected. We report on your all your IE ISA holds as a whole (rather that at individual portfolio level).

Will the account cash pay any interest % ?
Not for now - although this is something we’ll continue to look at. Interest rates are rising and we understand this will likely grow in importance. There some technical & regulatory points we’ll need to consider before we could do this but its something we’re discussing and looking with our overall business plan.(

If I add cash to my InvestEngine ISA account cash, is that classed as a Cash ISA?
No, it will be uninvested cash within a Stocks & Shares ISA subscription

Any other questions or future suggestions?
Let us know if the comments below :slight_smile: