Withdrawal of Money

In a world of instantaneous content and faster payments, is it possible to speed up the, approximate 4 business days, process of transferring money to our nominated UK bank accounts?

I have just waited 7 working days for a withdrawal and multiple emails to invest engine for assistance during this period with no response. Very worrying. I finally got the withdrawal but still no response from customer support

As a new and growing organisation IE will have teething troubles at first. I was a customer of Revolut and at the outset they were slow to respond and did not always hit their customer KPI’s.

I agree with you that IE communicating on any transfer delay would have been the correct course of action.

For IE, a focus on customer service and communication, at the same time as improving the current platform offering will pay dividends to IE growth strategy and market perception, rather than rapidly rolling out new features.

As an outsider, from what I have seen so far the IE team is on the right tracks. I can imagine that they are struggling behind the scenes as the customer base grows, possibly faster than they anticipated.