Waiting for withdrawal for a month...HELP

I have been waiting to close a portfolio since 16/01 … I have tried to contact support and have had no feedback or been able to retrieve my funds - can someone help? It’s getting really frustrating and so disappointing.



Sorry to hear this.

I am a new invester myself.

This is a bit disheartening to hear.

I am sure there is a reason…

Why do you want to close?

And what is support saying?

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had problems withdrawing funds?

I am not personally looking to withdraw anytime soon, however should i need the funds for an emergency i would not be pleased if i were unable to obtain my own money.

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Unfortunately still no response from Invest Engine to even explain the delay its pretty concerning now when the expectation is that you can access funds within 4-6 days. What I find worse is the level of customer service it’s very inappropriate for a finance company who is handing other peoples money to offer such bad service. Even the fact that there is no reply here is quite telling. Still waiting for my funds.

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So have they sold the assests and converted to Cash, and your still waiting for that the transferred after a month ?

I will be doing about 32-40k so I can move it to Vanguard Investor, to top up my Pension and ISA (2023-2024), so interest to know how long I should expect this should take ?


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I’ve done multiple withdrawals with InvestEngine. I’ve never had any problems. If the trades have settled already and the cash is there then the withdrawals have always been quick for me, 2 working days generally. Support has always been quick to respond also.

Sorry you’re having this experience. It looks like at least one of the funds you sold on 16 Jan are stuck for a long time in “awaiting settlement” status. (Apparently this happens not infrequently.)

If that is the case, it may be more effective to go to your transaction list, find out which transactions are the holdouts, and follow up with InvestEngine support on those transactions specifically. Hope things work out well for you!

Sad to say but depending on the correspondence you have with support regarding your issue and lack of resolution or response, your next port of call is to get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman as suggested by the FCA here

Hopefully the issue can be resolved very soon by IE…

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A bit concerning not to see any formal reply from IE team here yet… Just saying!

I’m considering depositing my next ISA allowance in another platform if this is the customer service.

Also the Awaiting Settlement issue went a bit to far now, no improvements were really made in the past year since I joined and the answers from IE always falls really short to me.

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@mark.mcck - Apologies I’ve only just seen this thread.
I’m raising this internally, I’ll find out what’s happened here.

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Good afternoon @mark.mcck . First of all, apologies for the delayed response to this post.
Our customer service team do not currently have any outstanding tickets.
Please may you re-submit an email into our support team from your registered email address on your account and quote your full name and IC number and we will keep an eye out to ensure your query is investigated. We will make the team aware to expect this email, so will closely monitor and address your query when it comes in, and ensure we get to the bottom as to why you have not received any feedback as of yet.

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Email sent this afternoon - not only have I sent a couple of emails I have posted here and used your support tool embedded in the website including screen shots to help the support team. I have also flagged on social media Twitter to which I was pointed back to the support email to confirm - this is the email I have been using support@investengine.com. It’s been a pretty disappointing experience and the app itself has such potential but you customer service and business processes clearly need a lot of work. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Thanks, Mark.

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Hi Mark,
Thank you for your quick response. I can confirm that we have received your email.
Our development team are currently looking into the issue as to why you are not receiving any of our responses through our normal ticketing system.
If this is not resolved today, we will contact you directly via the email address that you have linked on your InvestEngine account tomorrow morning with a solid update.
Am sorry to hear about the experience so far, and we hope to get to the bottom of this very shortly.
I appreciate your patience with this so far, we’ll be in touch with you soon.
Thank you,

Good morning Mark,
Just to update you, I directly emailed your email address that is listed on your InvestEngine account yesterday evening. You can see your registered email address on your account in your settings, under your profile tab.
I hope you have received this successfully, but please let us know if you have not received this.
Thank you,

Has this been resoloved?

Hi Tom
Please can you help. I am facing issues with customer service and having a poor experience and service with you guys too.